Research & Development

A key part of the development of Couldn’t Care Less is our research and this is ongoing. We want to make sure that our play is relevant and well informed by real experiences of people in caring relationships. We did our initial research in a mixture of ways including, research workshops, interviews, discussions online, and our on-line survey. We heard from over 100 people who have current or past experiences of being a carer, being cared for, or providing support for people in caring relationships. We listened to real stories about a broad range of caring relationships and what we learned helped us to develop our fictional story.

In October 2012 we spent 8 days developing the play and then presented it as a work-in-progess performance at North Edinburgh Arts as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival and Luminate, Scotland’s creative aging festival. The audience included some of the people who had been involved our the research. We received some really useful feedback from this first presentation.

During the first tour of the play in 2013 we had audience feedback sessions after most performances and an online survey to hear immediate reactions to the play. We also discussed the play with audiences on twitter and in the chat-room of our live-streaming and re-streaming events online. We are now wanting to hear audience reflections on the play 6 month on, so if you saw the play either in person or online you can tell us what you thought of the play on our most recent online surveys.

We are planning to continue developing the play before the next tour which is planned for 2015 so all the feedback we receive will be really useful.

We were very lucky to have worked with Ruth Stevenson, of Ruthless Research, in the research and the development of Couldn’t Care Less.

Ruth Stevenson – Research Consultant

Ruth Stevenson set up Ruthless Research in 2010 to use market research techniques to help organisations that work for the benefit of the community to become more sustainable, which is something that she is passionate about. Ruth does this by enabling organisations to evaluate their projects, demonstrate the value of their work, and make evidence-based decisions.

Ruth is a keen theatre goer and has a particular professional interest in the arts and wellbeing.

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